NJU72343 NJU72750/1A

In order to realize high quality sound, low distortion and low noise, now mainly use audio selector consisting of electronic volume and analog switch in audio equipment. These developed Electronic Volume NJU72343, Analog Switch NJU72750A and NJU72751A adopt the New JRC’s circuit design technology and semiconductor process technology of high quality sound, low distortion and low noise that have been cultivated so far. To improve the sound quality, it is necessary to change the sound processing quality of audio selector parts. The combination of these products can make audio equipment to achieve high quality sound, low distortion and low noise. Not only that, these products can be controlled by the same serial bus, so you can flexibly configure the number of input and output signals and the number of channels according to the needs of different systems.


1. Realize high quality sound, low distortion and low noise NJU72343 is an electronic volume for high quality sound that considers low noise and THD (Total Harmonic Distortion) characteristic in high frequency. NJU72750A and NJU72751A are analog switches with low ON resistance that can reduce noise voltage and THD of audio equipment.

NJU72343_NJU72750A_NJU72751A_1 NJU72343_NJU72750A_NJU72751A_1
Conventional analog switch has a great ON resistance in audio selector. In order to prevent THD from increasing, an operational amplifier has been used after analog switch. Because NJU72750A and NJU72751A have low ON resistance, even if omit the operational amplifier, it is possible to achieve low distortion. Without the noise of the operational amplifier, audio equipment can more easily achieve high quality sound and low noise.

2. Flexible system extensibility We provide the product lineup considering extensibility that you can flexibly configure the number of input and output signals and the number of channels depending on the system configuration. Using address selection pin, you can control maximum 2 NJU72343 ICs, 4 NJU72750A ICs or 4 NJU72751A ICs by the same serial bus.

3. Original 2-wired serial bus interface These products adopt 2-wired serial bus interface control mode that is similar to I2C serial bus interface. This signal control mode removed the acknowledge signal (ACK). The acknowledge signal generates a few mA current flow to the ground, which has adverse impact on audio signal path in control mode. This original 2-wired serial bus interface can suppress the impact.
Moreover, conventional I2C serial bus interface used open-drain port. But this 2-wired serial bus interface is not restricted to the open-drain port.


Features and Characteristics

Table caption
NJU72343 NJU72750A NJU72751A
Functions 8ch. Electronic volume 7-input 3-output 2-circuit
Analog switch
4-input 4-output 2-circuit
Analog switch
Operating Supply Voltage Dual : ±4.5 to ±7.5V
Single : +9.0 to +15.0V
Dual : ±4.5 to ±7.5V
Single : +9.0 to +15.0V
Dual : ±4.5 to ±7.5V
Single : +9.0 to +15.0V
Serial Control 2-wired 2-wired 2-wired
Chip Address 2 2 4
(Vin=1Vrms, f=1kHz)
0.0004% typ. 0.0004% typ. 0.0004% typ.
Switch ON Resistance 15Ω typ. 15Ω typ.
Others Independent Volume Control
Volume: +31.5 to -95dB
2-input Selector(4ch.)
Independent Switch Control
Low Impedance Switch
Independent Switch Control
Low Impedance Switch
Package SSOP32 SSOP32 SSOP32

Application Example

NJU72343 : 1pcs, NJU72750A : 1pcs
7.1-channel (5.1-channel + Zone 2) Audio System


NJU72343 : 2pcs, NJU72750A : 2pcs, NJU72751A : 2pcs
11.1-channel + Zone 2 + Zone 3 Audio System



NJU72343 DataSheet
NJU72343 Package information

NJU72750A DataSheet
NJU72750A Package information

NJU72751A DataSheet
NJU72751A Package information

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