ESOTERIC’s Super Audio CD Player, Grandioso K1 uses AKM’s Flagship Premium D/A Converter the AK4497

Esoteric K1

Asahi Kasei Microdevices Corporation’s (AKM) flagship premium audio DAC: the AK4497 has been adopted in ESOTERIC company’s (ESOTERIC) new super audio CD player “Grandioso K1” announced on the 5th September 2016. Reigning top of all ESOTERIC’s product categories, Grandioso K1 is the greatest model of its all-in-one type super audio CD players that employ plenty of luxurious parts and high-end components as a flagship model.
The D/A converter block uses high performance components suitable for all-in-one type model of Grandioso series. It features 8 differential circuits and independent power supply circuits for each channel that are dedicated to this model. A completely new design by using the best conceivable components and circuit techniques of the moment achieves further enhanced sound quality.

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128dB 768kHz/32-bit 2ch Next Generation Flagship Premium D/A Converter

The AK4497 is a new generation premium 32-bit DAC based on AKM’s VELVET SOUND architecture that has been widely adopted by well-established high-end audio companies. High signal to noise performance is achieved by improving VELVET SOUND technology by supporting a larger current drive capability.
In addition, AKM has developed an original process that has greatly improved low noise performance and electric margin for audio devices, increasing data amount and enhancing original acoustic sound that can be found in the sound strength.

  • Maximum Sampling Rate/Resolution:PCM768kHz/32-bit, DSD256 (22.4MHz)/1-bit
  • S/N (SNR): 128dB
  • THD+N: -116dB
  • Sound Color Digital Filter: 6 Types


VELVET SOUND™ is a brand concept of, “sound philosophy”, given to AKM’s new generation of audio devices and, “new architecture & core technologies”. A new circuit is designed to, “balance the amount of information and intensity”, and, “focus on the original sound”, to achieve rich musicality and high performance. This circuit contains specifications and features suitable for the high-resolution audio era.
The flagship, “VERITA”, series is a ”real product” that has world-class performance.

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Audio 4 Pro™ products are designed for pro audio equipment, including mixing consoles, electronic musical instruments and sound effectors, meeting the highest sound quality standards of recording studios. Audio 4 ProTM products range provides world-leading performance with high quality sound, winning trust within professional audio industry.

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