Blue Reverb

2 natural coil spring type
Input impedance are changeable
Length of connect wire are changeable by optional
Specially suited for small wattage amplifier
For eltric organs, guitar amplifier
Ideally suited for practice amps
2 Springs Type
Design your own Model Number System. The Accutronics numbering system enables you to order either the AMC TYPE model with the exact specifications you desire.

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    5.0V, Bi-Directional Ultra Low Capacitance Transient Voltage Suppressor in the SOD-882L package

    Central Semiconductor”s CFTVS5V0BULC is an ultra low capacitance, low leakage, fast response, bi-directional TVS in the space saving SOD-882L surface mount package. This device is designed to protect sensitive equipment connected to high speed data lines against ESD damage. The low 0.35pF maximum capacitance of the CFTVS5V0BULC is an essential characteristic in preventing signal degradation.

    • Ultra low capacitance
    • Low leakage current
    • 15kV ESD protection
    • High speed data line protection ideal for USB 3.1,Thunderbolt and HDMI 2.0
    • User interface protection
    • Charging/power port protection
    • Space saving SOD-882L package
    • Data line signal integrity maintained at high speeds
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    NJM2815, NJM2816, NJW4119

    New JRC provides 3 new power management products “NJM2815, NJM2816, NJW4119” that have entered into mass production. These power-supply ICs with built-in voltage correction function are available for USB charge.
    [General Description]
    In recent years, smart phones, tablet PCs and other portable equipment have been becoming increasingly intelligent, which makes the battery capacity bigger also. Conventionally charging these equipment by USB interface connection needs 500mA charging current. Recently the quick charging mobile equipment increases gradually, so needs high output charging current. But the charging current gets high, the resistance of the cable between the USB interface and mobile equipment will cause greater voltage drop. The charging voltage for these mobile equipment will not satisfy USB charging specification. To solve this problem, New JRC has developed 2 linear regulators NJM2815, NJM2816 and 1 switching regulator NJW4119, that have entered mass production already. You can choose the best suitable products depending on your purpose of use.
    1. The high precision voltage correction function (NJM2815/NJM2816/NJW4119)
    To correct the voltage drop from the cable between the USB interface and mobile equipment, we have developed 3 power-supply ICs with the high precision voltage correction function. This function has been applied for patent.
    2. Built-in an Error Flag output function (NJM2815/NJM2816/NJW4119) and a Power Good output function (NJW4119)
    When using the USB charge, if an exception error occurred, the Error Flag output function in 3 products will notify microprocessor immediately. Therefore the fail-safe reliability design will become easier. Moreover the Power Good function in NJW4119 will notify the status that output voltage reaches the setting value properly to the microprocessor.
    3. Built-in constant current mode overcurrent protection circuit (NJW4119), that is set to the current value with flat temperature characteristic
    Built-in overcurrent protection circuit can be set to constant current with flat temperature characteristic. Even if the ambient temperature changes, the setting current can be kept stable, so the circuit is not affected by temperature and well works.
    All application equipment with USB interface: Car AV, Consumer Equipment etc. Applications according to output current capability:
    • NJM2815 (IO=1A All USB Applications)
    • NJM2816 (IO=1.5A The Quick Charging Smartphone etc.)
    • NJW4119 (IO=2.4A Tablet Terminal etc.)
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    AKM – AK4558 (32-bit Audio CODEC)

    A 32-bit Audio CODEC, the AK4558 is suitable for Audio Interfaces achieving high quality sound with low-power consumption.
    Product Name
    AK4558EN – 32bit 2ch Audio Stereo CODEC with PLL
    Audio Interface, Electric Instruments, Effecters and Conferencing Systems
    The AK4558 is a 32-bit 2ch audio CODEC with PLL that meets demands of DTM (Desk Top Music) users who enjoy music making and editing on the go. The AK4558 realizes both “high quality sound performance” and “low power consumption characteristics” by adopting VELVET SOUND architecture that has been widely adopted by well-established high-end audio companies. It is suitable for audio interfaces for personal computers, smart phones and tablets to make and edit music. The AK4558 is the next generation device of the AK4556, improving the data resolution to 32-bit from 24-bit and the analog characteristics while suppressing the power consumption about 30%. The package size is also downsized to a QFN package.
    VELVET SOUND Architecture is adopted for DAC circuit.
    • Low-distortion technology achieves industry’s best performance of -100dB as a DAC with 108dB S/N characteristic.
    • OSRD (Over Sampling Ratio Doubler) technology greatly reduces out of band noises.
    High Quality Sound Digital Filter
    • Short delay filters, 5fs for A/D converter and 5.8fs for D/A converter are integrated.
    Integrated PLL
    • It reduces sound quality degradation caused by high frequency noise by reducing clock wiring on the printing board.
    • 32-bit 2ch Audio Stereo OCEDC with PLL
    • A/D Converter Performance: S/N 108dB@AVDD=3.3V; Four Types of High Sound Quality Digital Filter
    • D/A Converter Performance: S/N 108dB@AVDD=3.3V; Five Types of High Sound Quality Digital Filter
    • PLL
    • Microcomputer Interface: I2C bus
    • Input / Output Voltage: ADC = 2.64Vpp @ AVDD=3.3V DAC = 2.51Vpp @ AVDD=3.3V
    • Power Supply: AVDD = 2.4 to 3.6V (typ. 3.3V); TVDD = 1.7 to 3.6V (typ. 1.8V)
    • Power Consumption: 18 mA (fs = 48 kHz)
    • Operational Temperature: -40 to 105°C
    • Package: 28-pin QFN (0.5 mm pitch), 5 x 5 mm
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