AKM – AK4490EQ

“VERITA” AK4490EQ 120dB 768kHz/32-bit 2ch New Generation Premium DAC

The AK4490EQ is a new generation flagship 32-bit stereo Premium DAC. Digital input supports PCM inputs up to 768kHz and DSD input of 2.8MHz/5.6MHz / maximum 11.2MHz the industry’s highest level. Internal circuit employs a newly developed 32bit Digital Filter considering sound quality. It is ideal for the system such as Network Audio Player focusing sound quality, SACD player, high-end audio system supporting high resolution sound source.
  • – Maximum Sampling Frequency, Bit rate: PCM768kHz/32-bit, DSD256 (11.2MHz)
  • – SNR:120dB
  • – THD+N: -112dB
  • – Sound Color Digital Filter: 5 types
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Tokyo Japan, September 11, 2014 New Japan Radio Co., Ltd. (New JRC) has introduced to the market the MUSES8832, a dual high quality audio operational amplifier with low operating voltage(±1.35V or +2.7V) for high-end audio equipment.
[General Description]
The MUSES8832 is a dual bipolar input operational amplifier, it belongs to low operating voltage type of MUSES OPAMP series developed from integrated circuit technology and chip-layout techniques of the MUSES flagship model. Following high quality sound development concept of MUSES series, it is possible to be operated by low voltage(±1.35V or +2.7V), in addition to low noise (2.1nV/√ Hz typ. at f=1kHz). Therefore the MUSES8832 can reproduce high grade sound for low voltage equipment such as portable audio or car audio application. The MUSES8832 employs 2 small surface mount type packages (SSOP, SOP JEDEC) that are well suited for portable equipment and can improve productivity of the audio equipment. Considering the environment burden reduction, the MUSES8832’s packages correspond to lead-free and halogen-free. Leggi Tutto

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