In 2004, ICEpower introduced its ICCx Class D chipset. The chipset was a cutting-edge solution in terms of audio quality, reliability and functionality. ICCx has been implemented in millions ofamplifiers designed and manufactured by both ICEpower and partnering audio manufacturers. Today, the chipset is still being integrated in thousands of ICEpower amplifiers and other audioapplications bringing grand audio experiences to music enthusiasts all over the world. Technologies evolve fast and so does ICEpower. Since the launch of ICCx, ICEpower’s knowledge and expertise within Class D amplification have grown substantially. The ICEpower heritage now consists of numerous full-featured amplifier series ranging from 25 to 1200 watt and several chipset solutions for both consumer, professional, automotive and mobile audio applications. Now, ICEpower has converted these 15 years of experience into a next generation Class D chipset, the successor of ICCx. ICEpower introduces ICEedge – Class D like never before.

Data Sheet – ICEedge

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