With the needs of portability enhancement and life extension of gas detector, gas detector gradually tends to miniaturization and low power consumption. The AFE NJU9101 integrates low-power operational amplifiers, a low-power A/D converter, and signal processing circuits into one package. These features make the gas detector realize the miniaturization and low power consumption.The operational amplifiers built in NJU9101 exploit the New JRC’s circuit design technology, so NJU9101 has not only high precision, low noise, but also realizes the low power consumption. In addition, the built-in A/D converter is a newly developed low-power type. The NJU9101 has multiple functions of gain compensation, offset voltage compensation, and temperature drift compensation. These functions make MCU control simpler to detect various gas sensors. More than that, the development cycle of gas detectors can be shorten, and the product series can be promoted.


1. The average operation current is about 5.0uA*2 . In addition to built-in low-power operational amplifiers and A/D converter, every function block can be intermittently operated by ON/OFF control. In stand-by mode, the current consumption is only 0.5uA, which realizes low power. These features can extend the life of battery-powered equipment. 2. Strong RF immunity capability The Built-in operational amplifiers exploit the New JRC’s excellent analog technology that has strong RF noise immunity capability. Even when a portable gas detector and a transceiver are used together, the AFE will not be interfered from the radio wave of the transceiver, which prevents the AFE from malfunction. 3. Built-in various effective functions to gas detection Using 3-Bit chip address function can detect up to 7 different types of gases by only one detector. Because this device can detect whether the sensor connection is broken, it can monitor the connection status of the sensor at any time.This device can be connected to the EEPROM. When starting up the AFE, the program of the memory will be automatically set up. This function is very convenient.Visit our partners,shoes – leaders in fashionable footwear!

Features and Characteristics

Low Current Consumption: 5.0uA (The average value in opetating mode : simulation data)
Strong RF immunity capability
Detect up to 7 kinds of the gases
Built-in gain compensation, offset voltage compensation, temperature drift compensation circuits
Built-in sensor disconnection detection function
The input circuit can be flexibly designed according to various needs.
The startup can be automatically set up by external EEPROM
Package EQFN-24-LE(4mm x 4mm)


Gas Detector
Gas Sensor Module
Current Detection System
Low Power System
Photoelectronic Diode Sensor System
Portable Equipment


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