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    Il tuo business è il nostro business.
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    Il tuo business è il nostro business.
    Scegli un partner affidabile pronto a scommetere su di te.

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  • AKM Partnership

    AKM Partnership

    AKM is a success partner, some of the most important manufacturers of audio devices in the world chose AKM.


    NEW 2016/04/01
    AKM’s Premium D/A Converter, the AK4458 has been adopted in Pioneer’s A/V receiver VSX-831.


    NEW 2016/03/14
    SONY’s h.ear in Wireless headphone “MDR-EX750BT” uses AKM’s advanced D/A converter, AK4375A.

  • Fountain Catalogue

    Fountain Catalogue

    New Fountain Semiconductor Corporation catalogue
    FTSC is a new partner of our company. FTSC is specializes in the manufacture of semiconductor dedicated to the automotive.

  • NJU72343 NJU72750/1A

    NJU72343 NJU72750/1A

    In order to realize high quality sound, low distortion and low noise, now mainly use audio selector consisting of electronic volume and analog switch in audio equipment. These developed Electronic Volume NJU72343, Analog Switch NJU72750A and NJU72751A adopt the New JRC’s circuit design technology and semiconductor process technology of high quality sound, low distortion and low noise that have been cultivated so far. To improve the sound quality, it is necessary to change the sound processing quality of audio selector parts. The combination of these products can make audio equipment to achieve high quality sound,

  • NJU9101


    With the needs of portability enhancement and life extension of gas detector, gas detector gradually tends to miniaturization and low power consumption. The AFE NJU9101 integrates low-power operational amplifiers, a low-power A/D converter, and signal processing circuits into one package. These features make the gas detector realize the miniaturization and low power consumption.The operational amplifiers built in NJU9101 exploit the New JRC’s circuit design technology, so NJU9101 has not only high precision, low noise, but also realizes the low power consumption. In addition, the built-in A/D converter is a newly developed low-power type.

  • 700ASC2


    700ASC2 is the newest addition to ICEpower’s broad range of Class D amplifiers and our most powerful two-channel solution to date with an output power of 2 x 700W.
    700ASC2 opens up for endless design applications within consumer and professional audio products such as active speakers, subwoofers and PA amplifiers. It integrates all essential features, such as a comprehensive protection scheme against e.g. over-current or over temperature, universal mains for hassle-free worldwide operation and low energy consumption standby functionality to ensure a green footprint.

  • ICEedge


    In 2004, ICEpower introduced its ICCx Class D chipset. The chipset was a cutting-edge solution in terms of audio quality, reliability and functionality. ICCx has been implemented in millions ofamplifiers designed and manufactured by both ICEpower and partnering audio manufacturers. Today, the chipset is still being integrated in thousands of ICEpower amplifiers and other audioapplications bringing grand audio experiences to music enthusiasts all over the world. Technologies evolve fast and so does ICEpower. Since the launch of ICCx, ICEpower’s knowledge and expertise within

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